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This e-mail comes from WHITE LIONS, S.L and contains CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION that only the recipient has the right to access. According to the Criminal code, anyone who, to discover the secrets or violate the privacy of another, without their consent, seizes e-mails will be punished. Anyone who discovers, reveals or transfers reservada data of legal persons, without the consent of their representatives, also incrus a crime.


On the other hand, the unauthorized treatment of personal data may constitute an infringement of the current regulations on Data protection.

If you are not the recipient listed above, or the person responsible for delivering it, you must refrain from examining or using its content, making copies or delivering it to a different person.

If you have recieved the email by mistake, please inform us immediately at the email address listed in the header.

Informacion Confidencial: FAQ

Our Responsability

We inform you that your data is part of the agenda for which WHITE LIONS, S.L. is RESPONSIBLE and is used for the internal management of the pre-contractual / contractual relationship with our entity.

Informacion Confidencial: FAQ
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