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Responisble Sourcing

As a seafood export company in Africa, we strive on providing jobs locally and the sustainability of fish in the Atlantic Ocean. We have a great responsibility to ethical fishing.

we supports Africa’s commitment to invest in sustainable fisheries as a way to build the resilience and improve the livelihoods of coastal communities. Since 2005, the Africa Program for Fisheries has focused on sustainable use of the marine resources, governance of the sector and deep engagement with coastal communities. Transformative interventions are giving new hope to coastal communities.

Fisheries play significant social and nutritional roles in Africa. The sector contributes to food and nutrition security, and provides jobs, in particular for coastal populations, which are often among the poorest and most vulnerable. On average globally, fish and fish products account for 18% of animal protein intake. Due to the growing population and per capita income, demand for fish is expected to increase 30% by 2030 If the current trend continues without management, the poorest countries will suffer the most.


Climate change aggravate these challenges with rising sea temperatures, harsher weather conditions for fishers, migration of fish to cooler waters away from the equator and shrinking fish size.

Fisheries contribute to Africa's economy currently, fisheries and aquaculture directly contribute $24 billion to the African economy.

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